What if you could get a new developer job without endlessly applying on job boards and never hearing back from companies?

Did you know that when you are applying to a job the regular way, you have little to no chance of even being invited to an interview? Let alone get a job offer.

Here’s the problem that you face: when you are looking for a new job you go to a job listing website and start submitting your resume. But so does everyone else.

This means that when you apply for a job you are just a droplet in an ocean of applicants. And to make matters worse, the resume you’ve spent so much time crafting might not even be looked at by the recruiter (which, by the way, in most cases, it’s not a technical person).

In truth, only 12% of applicants even get invited to an interview.

Luckily for you, there’s a solution to skip the line and talk directly to the decision-makers. Let me introduce you Get a Job With Cold Email, a course that shows how anyone can bypass the recruiters and get an interview with the actual person that makes the ultimate hiring decision.

In this course I’ll:

  • Show you how to find out the email address of the real decision-maker so you won’t be lost in an ocean of applicants, which means you’ll actually have a chance to get the job (page x)
  • Teach you how to write a cold email that stands out so you won’t get ignored, which means you will not be perceived as a spammer, but a real candidate (page x)
  • Share with you the nr. 1 place where to find tech companies that are willing to hire you so you won’t go to the same place thousands of other people go when looking for a job, which means you’ll get an unfair advantage over anyone else (page x)
  • Teach you how to write an email headline so your emails will actually get opened (page x)
  • Show you a free tool that will let you send bulk email using the most secure and trusted email provider so your email won’t end in the spam folder (page x)
  • Teach you a method of personalization so you can actually send bulk emails, but look like it was sent individually which means that you can make a good first impression (page x)
  • Teach you what to do when you don’t hear back from the people you are contacting so you will actually be getting more responses than other people trying to contact the same people with cold email

In the past, I’ve been using cold email (and cold contacting) to get freelance clients, interviews, and job offers. I’ve gotten interviews and job offers from one of the largest WP Engine Partner Agencies and an award-winning agency from Poland as a couple of examples. 

This is a written course that will show you everything you need to know in order to get a job using cold email. After purchasing you will get an email with the info about where you can get the content. 

Usually, I would price this course for $17, but right now I’m offering it for $9. 

If you want to stop wishing for a new job and finally get one, fill in the form below with your info and the course will be on its way to you in no time!